Friday, April 13, 2012

Viva Las Penny Slots!

So my birthday was the best.  I slept for about two hours on St Pat’s and then headed to join John in sin city.  He had been out in Vegas for a guy’s weekend that more or less focused on March Madness.  He had been out there for about 5 days already when I joined him.  I brought febreeze.  Guys are so gross.

Meanwhile after a rowdy long weekend, the only thing either of us wanted was sleep, and sleep we did.  It felt crazy to be in such a lively city while we did nothing but lounge, but it was glorious.  Eventually we ventured out to lose money.  John had had his fill of gambling by the time I got there, but A.D.D/ bored /stingy /gambler that I am, I decided to devote exactly five minutes and ten dollars to the penny slots.  I did not, in fact, get all 7s as the excitement of this picture might lead you to believe.  Rats!


Since John had eaten nothing but fast food since he’d been there, I talked him into Bobby Flay’s MESA restaurant, which is fancy mexican food.  Here are some very excited faces from John as he eats the goat cheese queso with roasted peppers:

IMG_1450 IMG_1452

John said of all the fancy meals I have had him eat at restaurants where he looks questionably at things on the menu (like wild boar, octopus, etc.), that his pork chops here were hands down the best thing he’s ever eaten.  SUCCESS!  Meanwhile this corn mash shrimp tamale thing was SO AMAZING I literally didn’t notice that it dripped all down my fancy low cut silk dress.  Now, I know that Drew Carrey and the guys from Flight of the Concords are into getting lewd with food, but i think most people see it as a misfortunate look ruining distraction.  BLARG.

IMG_1453  IMG_1456 IMG_1457

The crescendo of the whole trip though, was definitely in the Beatles LOVE show.  Thanks DAD for sponsoring us as a birthday gift!


Words can’t explain how good this is.  Go see this show, yesterday.  It is a combination of the greatest music and the most eye candy colors and awe inspiring movements.  I’m hardly the first person to recommend Cirque shows, but group me in with all of those vague platitude listing starry eyed viewers. 

IMG_1458 IMG_1459 


And for fun, this is a montage of me asking John to smile for a photo (as he was at various stages of winning and losing playing roulette) and his increasing impatience with my dissatisfaction and asks for a re-do (with enthusiasm, obviously). 

Hey John, Smile.


Hmmmmm….Smile like you just won!


Now, give me jazz hands…



Just kidding.

Meanwhile this statue made me giggle all week long when I saw it.  John and Lauren, next Buck and Winnie (is what I said every time we sat down to gamble.. what, those pants are awesome).



And now a montage of us in Paris.  Or the Paris hotel.  Or across the street from the Paris hotel.

IMG_1465 IMG_1466 IMG_1467

By the way it was FIFTY degrees in Vegas while we were there.  It was 90 in KC.  Go figure.  Prior to the trip I had flirted with the idea of going to hoover dam (though it was John’s first visit to the strip, it was my sixth or so (work trips mostly)), so I was all about seeing something new.  However when I stepped off the plane in a thin cardigan and sandals I decided that would be the coldest thing ever of all time.  Veto.  Less cold, more napping.  Hooray for vacation!


And finally our one last fancy meal was at Wolfgang Puck’s SPAGO restaurant.  I had the pork meatloaf with the steamed greens and potato mash.  Holy sweet mother was that the best comfort food ever.  I was a garlic monster afterwards but it was so worth it.  It was one of those meals that I ate until I was about to burst (which I almost never do because feeling uncomfortably full is the worst).  Worth it.  Meanwhile John had some fancy sandwich with avocado on it.  A boy after my own heart!

IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471

I loved our mid week getaway.  With John’s job commitments opportunities for travelling together are far and few between.  It was fun getting to be tourists! 

But that’s all you get.  Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  And also because napping does not make for very thrilling photos.