Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring into spring with springly springing


Fun fact, my mother’s birthday is the day before mine.  So even as I was gearing up for the fun breakfast surprise party, I was scheming with my sister to surprise her. 

Alisa is super involved in Relay for life, actually our whole family has been (even before our own unfortunate cancer challenges).  So sister was an organizer for the MU relay and had planned on speaking late in the evening.  In the wee hours before my breakfast party began (and day full of drinking and fun and then two hours of sleep before Vegas… can you see why I wanted to sleep?) I drove to Columbia in the cover of darkness to give my mom a big ‘ole smackeroo and happy birthday wishes in person.


Amy came too.  She is the best (and single handedly kept me from falling asleep at the wheel).  IMG_1015

We surprised Momma with a crowd singing happy birthday and a candle in a sweet cupcake.


Meanwhile Alisa was the first to give me a birthday present.  This lovely framed photo, for my desk.  BAHAHAH, best Seinfeld episode ever.


Not to be outdone, BFF Bowler sent me beauteous flowers (and an endearing thematic poem) that also made my desk a thousand times more fun. 


Also fun? That I have been KILLING John in dice lately. 


BFF Emily threw her SIL Natalie a baby shower for all the ages.  There was a ton of food and booze, and even these adorable little decorations.

  IMG_1530 IMG_1531

I was a fan. 


And last but not least, mom and dad have been spoiling me rotten with Easter candy.  And I mean rotting rotten.  These teeth can’t handle Maureen living so close to a Russell Stover outlet. 


Happy cadbury egg and Jelly Bean month to you!