Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summertime, and the living’s easy


It is one million degrees outside, so I am certain it is summer.  However my legs are as white as winter’s first snow, so sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Get thee to a pool!

Last night the fam met in the middle of the state since my brother was in from DC and this would be the only time the 5 of us could get together.  A weeknight, how wild are we? We went bowling, which I am not sure we’ve ever even done together before.  Everyone had a pretty decent mix of gutter balls and strikes.  I was pretty proud of my 87.  And like John says, hey, that’s almost 100.  Which is almost 300. Which is pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Do you know what else is awesome? New items! Also stopping halfway between the restaurant and the bowling alley because you saw a giant inflatable eagle and needed to investigate.

 awesome sign 2al lb fight awesome sign run in bret bowl eyes lb bowlFunk bowling

I also went to Denver recently, and saw this handsome fellow.  And this lovely lady (lady/baby duo aren’t together… DNA wise… you know what I mean).  I also had some deeeeeee lish petit fours.  Oh tiny cakes. Will you ever stop being wonderful?

 IMG_1951 IMG_1988 IMG_1991

Also I totally took the creepiest picture of this girl at the airport who was sitting across from me.  I just loved everything about her.  She was dripping Kate Spade and had great nail polish and accessories.  So long my silent airport BFF.  We had some good times together where I took a picture of you and then you got on your flight and we didn’t speak. 


I also made an impromptu weeknight stop through my hometown.  Isn’t that place lovely at sunset? I spent one million days and evenings in that very spot growing up).


I also went to a hilariously awesomely fun x10,000 bachelorette party in Nashville.  Yup, that’s an ATM. What will they think of next.


I was also told multiple times over the past month that I looked like this actress.  She was in the ladybugs movie with rodney dangerfield (about soccer, circa ‘90s) and hocus pocus, FYI. Because I’m pretty sure no one here saw the 3:10 to Yuma movie for which she is apparently known.


I’ve also been trying to get John to agree to tattoos.  Normally I’m against them and if you would press me for WHERE I would actually put said tattoo, I would likely change my tune.  However sometimes we text each other (made up, of course) in Morse code. How cute would these little guys be somewhere discrete? Obviously it works out better for him, since my name is so symmetrical.  You’re welcome my dear.  (in case you’re wondering, he’s a pretty firm no.. so far)


I had a quick work trip to San Antonio where I meandered through the Alamo.  I mean, as long as one can meander when it is 110 degrees outside.


However, easily the highlight of this trip (my 3rd time there, movie over touristy stuff), was the gourmet tex mex.  Feast your eyes man, fried oyster tacos and jalapeño/crab/endive bites.  Under a misting machine, on the riverwalk.  Yes please.

 IMG_2116 IMG_2144

Also I got a kindle. So I could read 50 shades. Mostly on the riverwalk while families walked by. Scandalous.


My dad lost 11 lbs doing P90X (doesn’t he look great?) so he bought, and wore around town, jorts.  That would be a Jean shORT. Not pictured: all the clothes we got him for Father’s day after being indecently exposed to his jean shorts. 2012 folks.


My sissy came to KC to officially celebrate turning 21.  We went out with the boys and I felt like I had been WAITING FOREVER for my buddy to go everywhere with me.  Seriously, now she can go adult places and it is the greatest. 

IMG_2180IMG_2210   IMG_2154

Also I spent some QT at the K with my friends and with my daddio!

IMG_2161 IMG_2171

Girl’s night to celebrate Brittanie and Emily’s birthdays.  Why hello there bacon/sage/apricot/maple syrup bites. 

IMG_2176 IMG_2179

Emily and I also had a date to see Idina Menzel, who was on tour and singing Wicked songs.  One of my favorite dates ever! (and oh the pipes on that girl).


Another ladies night and this time at one of my favorite KC spots.  Basil cantaloupe soup? Don’t mind if I do.  With flowers in it? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!

 IMG_2189 IMG_2192

John and I traveled to the lake of the Ozarks for the most beautiful wedding (see below) and John suggested we have a picnic midway. Be still my heart!


Oh you had better believe I will be posting a link to the photographer’s blog when she updates it, because this wedding was so wonderful and so creative (and so hot, but that’s less fun to remember).  Check out this place!


MCK venue  telt wedding2

Also, in total food/cookery fail news, I made chili recently.  I made a big batch and took some to John’s (like Maureen always says, hot soup on a hot day), and was chewing along through the various textures until I bit into something hard and metal.  I had made it all myself only the day before so I knew there shouldn’t be anything unexpected in there.  Until all of a sudden I flashed back to my seasoning adding without abandon, and how my pepper grinder is nearly empty and nearly broken, and oh yeah, this is definitely the metallic screw on top to the pepper mill that I just received in my spoonful. Although I am relieved I was the one to discover it (and not having to explain away to another party’s injured chompers)… I’m pretty sure martha, my dentist, and the health department, would not approve. 


So obviously the next day I had dessert with Mom to make up for it.  Sorbet for the win!


This past weekend some lady friends and I participated in our city’s first COLOR RUN.  Where basically you run (or walk) a 5K and the organizers/volunteers shower various colored powder on you.  Each kilometer is a different color theme and it was a HOOT.

Here we are all pristine at the start of the race…


midway through..

IMG_2249 IMG_2257

and AFTER… whew.. filthy!IMG_2263 IMG_2266 IMG_2272 IMG_2275 

Happy Summer! 

PS Thanks to Bowler for giving me a blog award, even though I’m lazy. Everyone go check out http://www.looseoflimits.com/ right now, my BFF and her husband are about to start a journey around the world and have started chronically their pre travel travels.