Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Poker Face

My sister's sorority had a charity poker tournament.  I know as much about poker as I know about how to successfully wrangle a crocogator, so obviously this had disaster written all over it.  You would think that our hostess for the evening would have brushed up on the rules as to give clues on how to play to those who made the effort (across the state or country).  Apparently she was on silent auction duty instead and was of no help.  Fail.

Brother was back in Missouri for work, so he got to swing by.  Like every middle child, I couldn't have the entire family together at an event having fun without me, so despite not knowing game rules, or game theory (math joke, high five nerds!), I brought it.

SO...... It turns out I'm not half bad.  By that I mean that I sat down and was dealt two winning hands, despite not even knowing how many cards I was supposed to have (two seemed like I was being slighted).  There were bidding wars going on at the table for people who thought they had some pretty sweet cards.  Turns out I am a hustler.  I feel like I should write a rap song about it.

Also a 22 year old guy asked if I was in college there.  One of my 2011 resolutions was to wear sunscreen more often.  Coincidence?

Note: this was after I cashed out and consolidated chips, gave some to dad, and gave the others to brother to lose. For the record I had a huge pile of them at one point. Imagine me making it rain chips.  That line is going in my rap song.

Who want to play poker with me now?