Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happiness is...

A yellow fascinator hat made with tulle, feathers and a bit of sparkle.

The kind of hat that you found online and fell in love with back when you were entertaining ideas of attending the 2011 Kentucky Derby (which has since been trumped by a potential Russia trip). The kind of hat that Kate Middleton would wear, or my stylish friend Nickie (her favorite color is yellow and she can do no wrong when it comes to fancy/classy accessories). The kind of hat that you bragged about to your friend Bowler, who says to be more fiscally responsible (buzz kill) and resist purchasing.  The kind of hat that you then go on to make top ten lists for all the reasons and events to wear such an item (Royal weddings, the 1909 world's fair, the grocery store), all the while being talked out of it.  The kind of hat that was given as A VERY EXCITING SURPRISE birthday present from Bowler last weekend whilst in Chicago.

I love this kind of hat.