Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day and Stonyfield awesomeness

So, it's earth day. This morning I tried to channel Al Gore and double checked to make sure the lights were turned off and the TV was unplugged on my way out the door. What a wonderful day to be a hippy...not that i am exactly, i'm clean, don't love animals, and don't do drugs... and am way too into shoes (reminds me of that time on Saved by the Bell that Jessie Spano was giving a speech about the environment and A.C. Slater told her that the oil spilled in the pond outside the school help make things like the plastic earrings she was wearing) but I digress. I could think of no better way to kick off the morning than with something organic. Did I mention that a week or so ago I got a package of goodies from Stonyfield? It was super exciting (i've used the spatula like twice already). I've already mentioned my love for greek yogurt, but coupons for multiple varieties of greek yogurt was just too exciting for words. It made me feel like a real food blogger... as opposed to the slacking remedial cook with unhealthy weekend tendencies that I really am. Plus despite me telling them that my reading audience mostly consist of all the same people I have tried to hit up for girl scout cookies, magazine sales, summer sausage, and any miscellaneous school fundraiser, (i.e. immediate family) they gave me the loot anyway... SCORE!

Actually yesterday on GMA, the Eat This Not That guy was touting the benefits of Oikos greek yogurt (yummmm) perfect with granola, I might add.... as pictured on my desk below.
blueberry swirls on the bottom... yummm. For those unfamiliar, greek yogurt is more like sour cream... it's super super creamy and you could probably eat it with a fork. Despite being crazy good for you, these puppies have like 15 grams of protein, which makes them about the most filling breakfast or snack you could possibly have. high five.
So I also tried my hand at the Hungry Girlfredo, of my beloved Hungry Girl emails. They're all about shortcuts and snacks, which gives them a special place in my slacking, craving of comfort food heart. I used the Tofu Shiratke noodles they love so much and was on the fence. They were kind of slimy. Truthfully, both the label and HG explicity say how much they need to be dried. However after like ten minutes of making a mess whilst attempting to rinse and then wring dry, pat down with a towel and then wring again (repeat, repeat), I gave up and ate them anyway. The HG thing is to combine sour cream with a laughing cow wedge which makes an alfredo sauce (with steamed veggies: broc, red peppers, asparagus, etc.). I was in like with this. I might make it again to see if I can further become attached.

The weekend included a dance party with Em... YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

or.. nooooooo.
AND I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS hump day today :)