Monday, July 9, 2012

Can we just talk about this weekend.

I am mostly a sports fan by proxy, so I am surprised by how Kansas City’s being chosen to host the 2012 MLB All Star Game has affected my life.  Every stoplight, every street corner, every restaurant, every person is sporting a huge sign with the all star logo and some sort of baseball fun flair.  Our new performing arts center is bathed in green light and a huge baseball graphic, Union Station has been draped with signs for the all star game.  Every single venue that sells beer in the entire tri-state area, large or small, is bedazzled with ASG signs. Even better, there is live music and food and pandemonium everywhere you turn.  All our usual spots, free party.  Would you like a free drink and press pass with that? And also there is funnel cake and celebrity autographs? And also your expression to the wonderment is being broadcast on ESPN worldwide right now, yeah it’s crazy!

This week started with a hilarious bowling trip in the middle of MO to see the family.  And though I regret I haven’t been able to get in much QT with them since, I’ve been more than making up for it in laughs and costumes and group chants (I mean, I feel like they’d be okay with that).

BFF pals Emily and John hosted a ‘mmmmmmmerica 3rd of July party complete with fireworks, copious amounts of beer, costumes and jokes.  A sampling below. (John and I are dressed courtesy of the Wal Mart clearance racks and my sewing kit).


Wednesday we saw TED (the talking bear just like Family Guy movie).  It was, of course, the same humor as the show so we enjoyed the crass simplicity.  Then we laid at a pool and had pizza and beer.  Happy Birthday America!

Friday night we planned to walk downtown just to see what was happening.  Apparently what was happening was a baseball fan fest at the convention center and at least 2 major live stages with free big named bands playing music blocks from my apartment.  It was AWESOME! Young & the Giant played at P&L and we beat the heat by devising the smartest beer cozy system ever.  A glass of ice underneath a glass of beer.  Maybe it was the 110 degree heat getting to our heads, but we basically thought we were the smartest people to ever live. Ever. TM.


Saturday we scored (free!) tickets to the Sporting Kansas City Soccer game, courtesy of John’s sister and her soccer loving husband.  I hadn’t been to their new ballpark and OMG it is so much fun.  Everybody sings and chants and goes crazy.  It’s like a mix of a D1 college football game, a flaming lips rock concert, and stomp the yard (I think, I haven’t actually seen that movie). Everyone should go to soccer games all the time, even in 110 degrees they are the most fun loving participation friendly sporting events to ever exist. In the world. Ever.


We ended the night atop a patio downtown listening to live music and receiving free schwag (MLB all star shirt? coasters? beads? Just for sitting on this barstool? thanks!?)

Bright and early the next morning we went to a drag show brunch in honor of our friend’s birthday. (not pictured, dudes in wigs singing lady gaga… if you haven’t attended such shenanigans I highly recommend it).


Complete with a fried twinkie!


THEN, just hours later as we got world we also got some FREE TICKETS to the All Star Sunday at the K (how do we keep getting this lucky?) we jumped in the car and headed to midtown to pick them up.  We got a little turned around downtown and ended up a few streets away from our normal routes.  We found ourselves at a deserted stoplight next to one of our favorite lunch spots and concert venues.  With the windows rolled up (for A/C) we heard muffled music.  After being delighted left and right at the concerts available to us that weekend, we were eager to see if someone was playing.  Lo and behold once the windows were down we could have SWORN it sounded just like death cab for cutie.  Which would make no sense, of course, why we would hear this uber popular band around 4PM in our neighborhood where there is clearly no one around to hear them.  Then as the light turned from red to green we heard the distinctive screech of guitars playing around on keys.  Definitely not a recorded song.  We lingered on the empty street for another red/green/yellow change before deciding that we had better get on to the ballpark since the game would begin at any moment.  Later my curiosity had me googling the venue’s line up to see who we heard.  Sure enough, it was Death Cab for Cutie, surely playing a few songs during an early afternoon sound check.  How serendipitous?!


Meanwhile…. on to the game!  The actual all star game isn’t until Tuesday, but there are events at the stadium all week.  Yesterday’s activities included a ‘future’s game’ where all the top minor league players are featured, immediately followed by the ‘Legends & Celebrities’ softball game. 

IMG_2318 IMG_2319 

John was drooling over Jenny Finch, I was drooling over John Hamm.  Neither of us could really spare the moisture since it was our 5th party day of the week in the 90/100s.  However we both united in our playful booing of Bill Self, the KU basketball coach. MIZ. (although we did cheer for his homerun, because how fun is that?)

  IMG_2323 IMG_2324  IMG_2326 

Currently I’m in detox mode, although the city will still be abuzz until at least Wednesday.  I may or may not rally in the name of good citizenship.