Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I’ll be missing you……..

It’s been an emotional day over here.  I just got the news that my car was totaled and I am utterly depressed. 
I all started with a stupid deer smacking into us on a Friday evening drive.  For all we could tell, it just smashed the light and rumpled up the hood a bit.  It also drove just fine.
Until it didn’t.  Now the news is.. well.. horrible.
I am majorly majorly majorly bummed out over here. There aren’t enough times to type majorly.  Majorly.
In other news, my siblings will be happy to learn that my unemotional self broke down and shed a tear for my beloved civic… meaning that on the last day of the 11th month, I finally had a 2011 cry.  Clearly this proves I am more man than machine.  Clearly.  Even if technically it was about a machine.