Friday, November 18, 2011

It took me two weeks to reload the staple gun


I am mighty proud of a little household project I’ve undertaken, despite the fact that I had to get on YouTube to figure out how to reload a staple gun.  I know.  They are going to take away my master’s degree.  Anywhoo.  I’ve always had a littleish bed here, in part because my place is charmingly teeny and in part because the prospect of moving a giant heavy frame is daunting (as is Gladys, but you know). 

I decided to pick up a few canvases at JoAnns and staple them together.  Add batting and your very favorite fabric and BAM. Insta-headboard. 

265 264

It was easy, minus the gun snafoo.  Guns are bad, kids.


I also decided to update an old lamp I had to match the new fun Gray thing happening over the bed.  Conveniently a trip home aided in my outdoor and reclaiming needs.


A new modern shade and a little spray paint and primer at least ten feet from the house on an uber windy day.


I may or may not have waited for it to dry while doing a series of cartwheels around the yard.  Does fresh grass make anybody else have the urge to time travel to when their hamstrings were totally conductive to such tomfoolery? 

I also pilfered a couple of old beat up crates from my parent’s basement.  These used to be in my grandparent’s garage and one even had a scruffed up mailing label to my Grandpa’s old air force base! 

Last week I also picked up an anthropologie hook for my keys (marked down to $3, score!), which never seem to make it all the way to hook/shelf on the other side of the kitchen. Get in your new home, keys!

346 347 350

Also after three years I figured it was time to trade up my old dinosaur iphone for the latest and greatest.  I even traded up for a snazzy new case.  ME-OW.

302 332

I’ve also had some football fun and festive game day food with Dad.

 329 331 305

Spent some QT in the kitchen with mom making a stuffed Acorn squash from the O! Magazine cookbook.


The recipe included:

  • Acorn Squash
  • Mushrooms
  • Bacon
  • Kale (subbed for Swiss chard)
  • Parsley
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Onions, Garlic, S&P, seasoning, etc.


Mom also gave me a tutorial on my new old sewing machine.  I love that bad boy.  I am thinking of naming her Maude.


I’ve been spending an obscene amount of time looking at the eye candy on pinterest.  This one’s my favorite.


Get it? bahahahahah. 

I’ve become addicted to reselling things on ebay, and purchasing resold things with my winnings.  Welcome to fall, new boots.


Also I have been a maniac with solitaire (way to get a fancy phone for no reason).  Over $10,000 in fake winnings.  Out of control. I literally have deleted this app three times and re-downloaded it.  Ruining my life.