Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun things


Dude. Lately there has been a lot of fun stuff happening.  Like getting some new wheels! (okay technically that was bittersweet, RIP old car), but all the bells and whistles are fun.


Like when I figured out how to upload a photo to the dash.


Speaking of which, John and I got back together. Raise your hand if you saw this coming. We are nothing if not habitual.


Also I got a root canal.  That was less fun. Actually no fun whatsoever.


But it’s always fun to make scary eyes when you’re holding a sharp knife. Crazy fun.


And to act like Frankenstein when you’re rolls are growing… THEY’RE ALIVE


Fun is having a cranberry and jalapeño salsa with cream cheese.


Dad thought it was fun.  Maybe that was the mimosa talking.


Mom thought it was fun. But she’s pretty biased. She made me. I made the dip. Heretofore, she can take credit.


Fun was getting my new AARP card in the mail, twenty years early. 


Forestry is fun.


As is legally getting a tree to elaborately stage a photo.  As is a Canadian tuxedo.


As is skyping.  As are turtle socks.


Fun is cream cheese molded into shapes.


Fun is matching sweaters.  Fun is 23094830948 Arrested Development motherboy references.




Fun is Christmas sweaters.  Fun is camera timer outtakes.

IMG_3006 IMG_3009

Fun is having Jessica Simpson/Ken paves products on your Amazon wish list.  As is getting a toupee for Christmas.

IMG_3049 IMG_3051

Spoiler alert: my head is too small to wear my new hair piece. Bummer, right?

Speaking of amazing gifts, check out what my BFF Bowler sent to me.  (she sent me the brunette one and kept the blonde, since she lives across the country).  LOVE.


Fun is capturing the coveted traveling family pope bust.  Fun is gingerbread house decorating.

IMG_3120 IMG_3145

Fun is a rascal scooter.

IMG_3161 IMG_3184

Fun is stopping a road trip to visit a Star Trek shrine in the middle of Iowa.


Don’t worry, in the gift shop we bought ‘Shats’, that’s a Shatner hat.  It looks like a Beret, but according to him it’s from space. 


Fun is a new old sewing machine, and a tutorial from an Iowa State certified home economist. Quick! Get me a project!

IMGP6814 IMGP6816

Fun is an unseasonably warm day strolling to get macaroons and the world’s best scones from a local bakery.



Here’s to plenty more silliness in 2012. Perhaps without all the dental work and car turmoil.  But definitely with the themed food and ridiculous photos.  What could be more fun?