Monday, December 14, 2009

Helllllllllllloooo Nurse!

It is times like this (sitting at my desk, ignoring my to-do list) that I wish I were at home in footie PJs watching animaniacs. Is that show even still on? The hello nurse comment is from there and a nod to Emily Millertime, obviously.

So my fair city has had some lovely guests in the first few weeks of December including but not limited to my BFF Nickie in for a wedding (isn't she beauteous?)

And a rowdy crowd this saturday for a birthday party. My camera caught a moment on the Dance floor and every single one of those hooligans is hilarious and so much fun.

Even this one :)
In other life altering ridiculously amazing things, a vendor sent me a Godiva gift box for spending so much in advertising with them. I can be bought with chocolate, oh yes I can. Highlight of my life. I am never going back to Russell Stover.

In food related activities Jaclyn and I had a little dinner party for ourselves! Our date night was with Julie & Julia and all of the fun apps we could handle. I pretty much love her little house she and her BF live in. Adorable and so fixed up.

I made the pumpkin dip again. Cream cheese + brown sugar + pumpkin puree = basically the pie and complete delicousness. I also made the mini baked potato bites from last NYE. Those are comfort food at it's finest and sound yummy to me even as I type this. I also was curious about an endive recipe that I found.

Endive Boat Things from Real Simple

  • Ricotta
  • Almonds
  • Raisins
  • EVOO
  • Endive leaves

Truthfully... these had no flavor. Maybe I should've got full fat ricotta? Jaclyn and I agreed a drizzle of honey instead of EVOO would've helped but either way, these were pretty forgettable.

Jaclyn made feta/green apple/craizin bites in a phyllo shells. YUM. Those were rocking my world. Also a hit was the pre-made frozen spinach bites. Sometimes you just can't one-up the pillsbury people. Good stuff.

Jaclyn also made little gingerbread men. Lots of Shrek jokes were going around, obviously.

Oh no... don't eat me....!

Yesterday I rented Funny Girl (i've never seen it!) from the Library because this week's GLEE episode had me singing 'Don't Rain on my Parade'. I think I'm officially a Streisand fan. It was good stuff and made for excellent shower singing. Also I talked John through his first chili recipe that I showed him from one of Paula Deen's sons on the food network. Sounds yummy, no? So proud of him, so proud.
Only 9.5 more days until Christmas vacation!!! :)