Monday, November 30, 2009

Caution: Gratuitous Family Photos

So Happy belated Thanksgiving! I am thankful for oh-so-many things including you dear reader .. hi five. Anyway the weekend got wrapped up with mom and I going shopping.

Mom got all kinds of fabulous stuff and we both got fabulous dresses for our New Years Eve soiree at the Kennedy Center in DC. She looked AMAZING and had way too many cocktail dresses from which to choose. Life is so hard, isn't it? :)

We waited until Saturday partially because we were hundreds of miles in any direction from a mall at 3am Friday morning, and partially because we didn't want to be trampled by the stampede of people in an angry mob for discounted electronics and tickle-me-elmos.

On Friday I met up with my lady friends, one of whom was in town from Denver for the Holiday. Picture these people in scarves.
On Wednesday when I burned out of work at 5pm on the dot, the brother and I got home in time to decorate the tree.
My dad in all of his goofiness got us hats. We resisted but secretly liked them. That's right dad, I admit it.
Coming to a Christmas card near you.
After six hours of traveling in one day we finally made it to the family farm in Iowa. I didn't take photos of the food, but the meal looked approximately like this:

My momma and her sisters (shout out to three uncles lounging in the background). Because my mom is one of eleven, the family gatherings generally have about forty or so people. We are a huge family, it's pretty great.

Guess we forgot our pilgrim hats, huh?Around the corner from the farm is the 'graffiti barn' which has existed all of my life though I've never partaken (local high school kids?) this year we decided to brave the 28 degree weather (plus wind, brrrrrr) and make our mark. Hey... the family that sprays together stays together.
At home, early the next morning we went to water aerobics where my sister was the impatient instructor. a) it's not just for old ladies, it's serious business

b) we mostly goofed off.... i.e. 'freestyle'.

At home for our last family meal we had EGGS BENEDICT... mwwwwwwwah. I love it. Mom whipped up the hollandaise and I made sure everyone got one with traditional ham (yadda yadda yadda) and veggie with tomato and spinach leaves. This is becoming one of my favorite meals ever... minus how labor intensive it is.

And that my friends is all she wrote. How many shopping days until Christmas?