Monday, October 12, 2009

All you can eat buffets with all you can drink champagne

So after laboring all week in Vegas.... I left this 35th floor hotel room at Ceasar's Palace with a fantastic view of the Bellagio fountains... For this view.... from the fourth floor of the Mirage. Pretty sure the freeway you see in the background is higher than our room. My, my what a girl will do to get a cheap rate for a weekend trip.
Good thing I had my BFF, new FAVORITE bride to be (I am her MOH, after all), and west-coast-erner join me to do fun things which didn't include sticking around the room.

Bloggable shenanigans include scandalously jumping in to empty, unmanned (by security) fountain for photo ops. I spy.... a cocktail dress by Zeus.

And spending all day .... and afternoon, and partial evenings in the swanky pool area (i think we closed the place down, actually... notice no other pool goers).

Many sugary beverages later we did a photo shoot montage in an abandoned cabana. Good in theory.

But pretty much all looked a bit awkward.

Ahh Vegas. The crazy thing is that while there for work I had some of the most amazingly decadent and pricey meals of my life. With company Execs those are NOT kosher to be taking food photos. However by the time BFF and I were losing $30 at a time at the penny slots... we were reduced to cafeterias / room service/ and an all you can eat buffet. It was considerably less glam... except the part where the buffet served all you could drink champagne. That was pretty awesome.
Homemade food adventures coming soon.... though I must unpack first. Au Revoir.