Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Fever

Although I will be traveling a boat load this spring and as such I can nary afford a new wardrobe (that’s right, nary), I made a few splurges in the name of Birthday goodness that I am excited to share with the class:

The J. Crew schoolboy chambray blazer 

I heart outerwear, I heart chambray. This was too many of my favorite things NOT to be justified with an excuse like a ‘stressful day’.  I’ve actually been wanting this piece since last summer. She’s beauteous, no?  Pricey, but hopefully this will become a staple that will last many years to come. Give or take the Canadian tuxedo styling.  Jenna Lyons can make anything look so chic.



Forever 21 Cut-Out Romper

Dressy/easy fabric plus an interesting cut-out design on the collar PLUS a comfy backdrop upon which to accessorize? Plus at F21 the price is always right.  This was too perfect for my upcoming trip to Vegas, I couldn’t resist.



Gap Colored Jean Leggings <- Link is to similar, since the item isn’t up anymore

My birthday is on St Patrick’s Day! Since I was 7, I’ve relished wearing relish colored green themed ensembles on my favorite of the whole year.  I am excited all day long, and everyone everywhere is in a jolly fun-loving mood.  What could be better?  This year I saw these bad boys at GAP and after searching in vain at every cheapy store for a similar shade, (cobalt clue abounds, as does yellow. Surprisingly green is a little more rare)… I caved and got their uber comfy jegging pants. 

image (not pictured online, so I borrowed an image from Zara)