Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Good riddance leap day.

On leap day I ran out of gas amid a three hour spree of unlucky exasperation (late, lost, forgetful, etc.).  Words cannot express how relieved I am that nonsensical day of misfortune is behind us.  There were plenty of other cheerful things that happened right around then though, so allow me to catch up!

My poppa and I got to hang out a lot thanks to his KC friendly work schedule. We even got to go to one of my neighborhood’s funky eateries.  Below are snippets from our trip to Farmhouse in the river market.

 IMG_1305 IMG_1306

Also I have been watching a lot… I mean A FLIPPING LOT of basketball lately.  Such are the duties of a dutiful coach’s lady.  Although the season is over now and John has moved into his life consuming recruiting activities, there were plenty of dramatic moments as the season came to a close, including four overtime games.  By the way, overtime is excruciating and anxiety filled.  Just win or lose already, don’t heighten everyone’s emotions just to crush them! Below are samples of the same picture I took during one OT (in an attempt to update a friend unable to be in attendance). True story, my hands were shaking. 

IMG_1319 IMG_1320

In other sports related news, John and I had a super bowl party for 2.  Dressing the football part of course, with plenty of dip (the only time I will allow that delicious but mysteriously chemically Velveeta into my kitchen)

IMG_1331 IMG_1333

Also, third time was the charm for Ethiopian food as the local Blue Nile Cafe finally found it’s way to my taste buds.  It just goes to show that you can trick your brain into liking spongy mushy spicey interesting goodness.

IMG_1334 IMG_1339 IMG_1347

I saw an extended (limo?) suburban/truck/transformer at a stoplight.  It blew my mind.  Can I rent that for special occasions? Don’t worry Oprah, my vehicle was not moving!


I joined Jaclyn, Kara and Audrey for a trip to KC’s new Kauffman center for performing arts! We saw the ballet of Romeo and Juliet! The venue was amazing, the company was amazing, the dancing was amazing!  It slightly reminded me of seeing Hamlet the ballet in September (in Moscow!) but mostly it made me miss the actual beautiful words of Bill Shakespeare.  I mean watching the scene where she’s (gracefully) leaning over the balcony, you can’t help but say along ‘Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo!”… I promptly went home and watched it (Leonardo Dicaprio version).  Be still my heart!


Emily and I celebrated Mardi Gras by watching the PBS special on Bill Clinton (me-ow!), watching the Glee mid season finale (Quinn!) and eating a creepy baby cake.  I brought dates with cream cheese and honey.  Best comfort food ever!

 IMG_1354 IMG_1356 IMG_1357

Do you know what’s not comforting? This guy:


Perhaps the best news of all though, is in relation to a little impromptu trip I’ve got planned.  In just five short weeks I’m going on a quick trip to the emerald isle!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My buddy Stokes is teaching in England right now and I am joining her to do a bus/hostel 6 day tour of Ireland while she’s on spring break.  In the very near future you will find me on a cliff somewhere making a lot of references to the princess bride cliffs of insanity (and also being super terrified to get close to the edge of anything).  In the near near future you will find me with my nose stuck in this book:


In grown up news I had to get a new license this morning.  Gone is the dewy, fresh faced (and highlighted) girl of 26. Also, I tried to tell them I don’t need my glasses to drive…. except then she made me take a vision test. Didn’t see that one coming.  Nor did I see the top row of letters. FAIL.  Now somewhere next to height and weight it also says ‘four eyes’.

IMG_1371        IMG_1375

A recent highlight of my life was getting together with my family for some Dynasty action.  We’re on the fifth season now. Below is a dramatization of those events:



Murderous glances:





PS the sister has a new blog, check it out:

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