Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Move over Kevin Bacon

So I have this friend named Kelly.  She knows everyone.  We seriously can’t go anywhere without her having worked with/dated a cousin of/went to high school with/lived next to in college with/got her hair cut by someone at the table next to us.  Somehow she has a story that randomly relates back to everyone.  She denies it completely but the rest of us find ourselves in wonderment of it often.

Also it was her birthday the other day, which OBVIOUSLY means we threw her a semi surprise party.  She knew we were all getting together, but little did she know Milton and Bradley were on the case (what Emily and I ceremoniously dubbed ourselves after the surprise birthday Kentucky bash in February).


So we did it after work yesterday, except Kelly was the first to get off work, so we banished her to the bed.  It’s okay, Blind Boone over there had Natalie to keep her entertained.


Meanwhile the rest of us went streamer and sticker crazy.  We also had giant ‘K’ signs that we would wave and what innocently began as a chant, always somehow ended in KKK jokes. Inappropriate.



Don’t worry, Amy did get that cork out… but she lost a few lady points.  Probably some teeth too. (not a staged photo)


In addition to snacks like almonds and salsa, Natalie brought the most glorious Salad. 

Natalie’s Hoagland Ranch Salad Extraordinaire:

  • Steak (homegrown, her ranch!)
  • Romaine (homegrown?)
  • Mozzarella
  • Tomatoes (homegrown)
  • Basil (homegrown)
  • Balsamic and EVOO



Amy brought Gluten Free cupcakes for the birthday girl.  They were also vegan (say whaaaa?) they were very dense, like pound cake.  Two thumbs up.


And finally, the piece de resistance. The six degrees of Kelly Hoots game, where over the course of 3+ bottles of wine, we made her connect the dots between random individuals (found friend stalking her FB page), and miscellaneous things like ‘tacos’, ‘boobs’, ‘barfing’, and schools and places we frequent.  A hilarious game that kept getting sidetracked to stories and name calling.  It was a hoot.  Pun intended.


What a way to kick off the week! Happy Birthday amigo!