Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Part Deux


So just because we already had a royal wedding party six days before the wedding (what? lifetime was re-airing their movie, can you think of a better excuse to wear a hat?), you didn’t think we could resist partaking in the fun at 3:30 AM Friday? Right?

Emily knows where I live. Partially because she lives two floors down, but just in case, I thought the Queen mother could welcome her (and her to-be-SIL Natalie, whom we love, hi Natalie!).  Pip Pip, Cheerio!



I heard snickering outside the door as she knocked.  Success!


The plates version 2.0

Twinkies and pepperidge farm cookies.  Do I need pastry tips or what? I thought my take regular frosting/dye it blue/stick it in a zip lock bag/stick it in the fridge/cut the tip off method, otherwise tried and true, was solid gold.  That method was having none of the royal fun. Blimey.



Emily’s mom is a music teacher and she sent over gloves, the perfect final touch!


Except for this perfect final touch.  Am I a whiz with crepe paper or what.  That may stay up a while. It may also cause you to break out into rounds of  ‘Rule Brittania’ or various spice girls songs.


Emily made this amazing savory French toast casserole.  It had crusty bread, eggs, cheese, spinach, potatoes, seasoning and sausage from her parent’s farm.  So good!


Is she ready to be somebody’s wife or what?


Finally, the main event…


Were you as smitten as we were? Totally worth this lethargic mid-morning state.  Happy Royal wedding everyone!

Shout out to my mom and her silly 4AM teacher watch party, and Bowler’s sophisticated viewing tonight!