Friday, April 2, 2010

What's Shakin?

Happy Late St. Patrick's Day.... I know what you're saying... Lauren, why even bother saying late... it is full on celebration 30 days before and 30 days after your birthday. Well, you're right.

While in Denver for work, I got to spend MUCHO time with my friend Kelly who spoiled me rotton the weekend before St. Pat's and took me to have fun downtown at the parade (well.... we walked by it anyway)

Then we had green beer... and some appetizer samplers (caution not healthy or impressive in any way)

The dancing was pretty good though.

She got me a FABULOUS Birthday cake with fondant!!!! There aren't enough exclamation points to describe how much I loved it.

Also while in Denver, I tested the eats at Appaloosa Grill on the 16th street mall. AMAZING. Probably my favorite kind of Eggs Benedict Ever. How have I never thought of putting avocado on it?

For my actual Bday, after working Kelly, Tiffany, Michael and co. went to Watercourse Foods around the corner from Kelly's condo. All Veg, mostly vegan, UBER healthy and insanely delicious. Just what the doctor ordered after days of heavy steak house style company meals and a little too much St. Pat's indulging over the previous weekend. Not sure what we're looking at here... some sort of mushroom taco methinks.

These veggie eggs rolls (and corresponding sauce) were SO GOOD. They were for the table. I ate 3/4 of them. Selfishness is allowed on birthdays... write that down.

Later in the week I went back to Appaloosa for some Pad Thai. YUM. I was checking sports scores on my phone religiously (for the first time in my life i might add), back when my bracket had some exciting things happening. That lasted about 1/2 a day. Thanks for nothing Villanova.

Upon arriving back in MO, I immediately hit up the grocery store and then began the trek to my parents house for a fun birthday dinner for my momma and me. Oh, my sister was there too... ignore her.

We decided to make it a picnic, because eating on the floor is vastly superior to tables. We brought the table cloth with us though, because what are we.. animals? We had every dipper's dream appetizer turned meal, FONDUE! I used a recipe loosely based on Giada's Fondue recipe... mostly because my cheese options were limited. Essentially it was Gruyere and Fontina Cheeses, White wine and dippers. The cheese was completely smelly before it was all melty and amazing. Dippers included veggies and crusty bread - YUM! Totally doing this again. Plus the floor enabled us to watch soapnet while we ate and have lengthy conversations about all of our daytime friends like they were real people.

My wonderful papa got me green flowers for St. Paddies (he used to send me green carnations every year at school :) and my wonderful boyfriend got me some roses. The camera ate the green flower picture, and below are my bday cards/flowers goodies plus a few days.

After all of the Denver, and back home excitement, you're probably wondering how I POSSIBLY could go out on the road again. However, a girls trip to Kentucky was calling. Plus, who could say no with snuggies involved.
We drove by this a couple of times.

Spent a random and fun day out in nature. Not posing. At all.

We also hit up a WKU baseball game in quite possibly the most perfect weather ever. If you get a chance to go I highly encourage it, cheap college priced beer with a fabulous bar/deck off of first base. That combined with telling fun college stories with your besties? Yes please.

We hit up a gift shop or too... I want that hat. I might drive another 9 hours to get it.

Obviously there was dancing involved (P.S. our star and weekend hostess isn't in any of these photos, sorry Amy!)............ DJs love when you request songs from when you were in college (not, they do not, they look at you like you're old... apparently Nelly dropped off the face of the earth)

That's all folks. I hope everyone had a happy Easter and is enjoying the sunshine. Spring time cooking coming soon now that I'm no longer living out of a suitcase. Ciao!