Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So..... I never got a housewife

Other things that did not happen in February include cooking, cleaning, making myself proud to be an american/female/human being. Mostly I just delved further into my vitamin D deficiency and cursed mother nature for bringing 90 consecutive days with Gray skies and 20 degrees weather.

However all was not lost, as I watched hours upon hours of the Gilmore Girls in PJs (well, they were clothed, I was a hot mess).. hello fuzzy slippers.

In the midst of my hibernation, I decided to make a recipe featured on the tin foil covering my yogurt, creative, no? It had a few of my favorite and always-on-hand ingredients, so how could I go wrong, right? I'd like to call this particular adventure: 'The max fill line is no joke people'

Here we are, simmering sweet potatoes in veggie broth, smelling yummy and promising.

Except that when it came time to puree it in the food processor I was feeling lazy. Really lazy. Suddenly I hated everyone with an immersion blender and decided, F* it, I was going to put it all in the Cuisinart and it would just deal with it. In my kitchen, I'm the boss applesauce.
So I'm not sure why I was surprised that although the potatoes stayed just fine, the carefully simmered liquid ran all over the counter top, soaking anything it came in contact with, and made a waterfall down the cabinets below.
My cat-like reflexes to stop it included taking a picture.
So after I felt like a moron and was reminded that shortcuts are for losers and criminals, I opened a new thing of veg broth and put it in.... max fill line respected, the food processor for pureeing.
All this produced another recipe that felt like baby food. DANG. How do I never see this coming?
I roasted some chickpeas and put a dollop of sour cream in the soup to finish. Served here with fine grain triscuits (i could eat those things every day of my life) and a laughing cow wedge.

Also this year for lent I decided not to go Veg at the last minute. I have loved proclaiming my veg affiliation for 6 weeks of the year... however the novelty of trying it had worn off after four years, plus I eat veg 80% of the time anyway, and I was ready for something new.
Currently I'm doing chocolate, but I'm not too jazzed about that sacrifice either. I'm thinking I might have to revert back to my chillaxed days in college where I gave up nail polish and wearing the color brown (for 1.5 months that was actually harder than it sounds).
Anyway, old rules be damned I made myself a carnivorous steak salad, and used a salad dressing recipe from Giada, which did not knock my socks off. In fact it kept them on, or added layers. I don't think homemade vinegar/oily sauces are for me.

Alright folks, how have YOU been the last month? I made repeats of Salsas (previously seen here) for superbowl parties, I did NOT injure myself or my vehicle in the massive snow showers we received, practiced my triple sow cow in my living room while watching the Olympics, and I have attended 304932049 of John's games. Extra gold stars next to my name this season!
March is going to be great, I'll be in Denver for 1.5 weeks for work, but will secretly be hanging out with my friends there and it will be GLORIOUS. There are umpteen bdays in my fam including the st paddies babies like myself, my mom, my aunt Sheila, my uncle bill. BRING ON SPRING :)