Monday, January 18, 2010


And no, Dave Matthews band or Nicholas Cage, I'm not talking to you. I'm afraid my friends, this is all about the blahness of Oatmeal. Probably a pretty unpopular thing to say in the orbit of health food blogging (although I'm not entirely sure I can even claim that anymore).... I digress, I keep giving traditional oatmeal chances and it keeps dissapointing me. I mean, I WANT to love it. It's cheap, easy and a throwback to Little House on the Prairie... so what is not to like?
So last week I looked up a healthy crock pot recipe (say it ain't so!)
Healthy Crockpot goodness (Eating Well)
  • water
  • steel cut oats
  • dried fruit
I did not put my iphone in the oatmeal, although it probably would've made me love it more. I was SUPER excited to wake up to a crockpot full of healthy breakfast that would keep me full all day. Oh Joy. Oh rapture.
Except it was NOT my everything. There was hardly any flavor..... so I dumped pure maple syrup on it.... thereby reducing the health factor. Then I realized that although Dates are God's gift to us.... nature's candy, if you will........... they looked like cut up hot dogs in my oats. Do you see how pink and fleshy they are there? ewwwwwwwww. Also the raisins were looking like Kalamato olives to me.... another contradictory flavor and not so much a feast for the eyes. I forced a few bites of this and then grabbed a granola bar and string cheese on the way out the door. Fail.

To make things worse, apparently today's the worst day ever. No offense Dr. King. Also I'm sure anyone working in government would whole heartedly disagree with that (I probably would too if I was home in my PJs with unwashed hair watching hours worth of soaps and Jerry Springer).... but according to THIS MSN Health article (thanks for passing along the depressing news Debbie Downer Emily) the depression of the holidays being over and any remaining debt or junk in the trunk, coupled with broken resolutions and cold gray awful weather that's not going away any time soon, and reading blogs without any regard for run on sentences..... well.... it makes today a peak depression day for people. Who does depression hurt? Everyone.

That picture actually kind of cheers me up... but only because I picture this cat getting ready to say 'Can I has a cheezburger?' .. HA... lol cats get me every time. Me and old ladies and 14 year olds.

In other news John won a HUGE game this weekend and I'm still recovering from the fun celebration with his friends and family.... I've got an exciting crate and barrel table coming with some assembly required this weekend, and girls night is tomorrow. Whoop Whoop!