Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Accidentally, Innocently, Completely Offensive

So last night Emily and I decided to have a much deserved Girl's night. It has been ages since our schedules have been able to accommodate such QT, so I was pumped. Too bad I got home around 11pm the two prior evenings, therefore reducing the chances of any sort of culinary magic to nil. I opted to bring an appetizer of crusty french bread with goat cheese, a sprinkle of dill and a diced Fuji apple, all melty and crusty after being popped in the oven for a few minutes. Can I just say, Holy Goat Cheese. It's so rich and delicious and just rocks my world. Sidebar, Emily I left the package in your fridge and I will fight you to the death if you don't let me have it back. That is all.

Soon after we switched to Emily's more mexican theme, including Queso.. yum!
Then we watched the MASS election results (sad times), talked about how we wish we were Kennedys and how it's probably too late for us to try to marry in to the family... And how Rachel Maddow was just some curly hair away from looking like Paul Simon last night in her turtleneck and corderoy blazer.

... while we ate black bean and roasted veggie quesadillas. YUM!

For Desert I brought the makings for SMORES. YUM YUM! I was so excited. This may be the first time I've tried to eat this combo and not smelled like firewood and needing a shower and indoor plumbing. Best of all worlds, I say. Below is the pan, it had no idea what was coming...

While Emily and I popped the pan into the oven to Broil, we chatted, laughed, kept drinking and Generally forgot about it. Until we began to smell burnt sugar, which Emily said 'On the food network they say you know it's done when you can smell it' Except that it was completely burned. We laughed forever about how we had made the marshmallows totally unrecognizable and even took an iphone picture and uploaded in to Facebook to share our kitchen disaster with the world........

(dramatization of us forgetting about the time)

Until 8 people online immediately commented to ask why we had baked a Nazi pie. AHHHHHHH Do you see it? Holy Swastika! as soon as the first random person pointed it out, we exchanged 'no way' glances, and then looked at the picture again and were HORRIFIED (and laughing until we cried the utter ridiculousness of it) to be spreading anti-semetic images on the internet and through food.... on accident. We got bombarded with comments until we took it down, approximately 3 minutes after it was up. Further putting our foot in mouths is when we tried to making joking references to the oven being a nazi oven... until, oh yeah right, that's worse.

So we regrouped (still laughing a little, although again, totally offending everyone). And committed to not burn the desert. Round 2 of oven smores:

That was exactly one minute on the timer and made the smores ooey gooey perfection. But let's just compare what difference a few minutes makes.

It all worked out in the end though, those smores were delicious. We topped them with half of a Hershey's bar. SO RICH.

(and so unflattering of the chef)... Emily made me put this picture of her dog up. UGH.

I hope I don't need to explain that Emily and I are not hateful, intolerant people. We love Jews, we're crazy liberal... But I hurt today from laughing so hard last night... It was an accident!! Next time Emily and I are going to shoot for having a miraculous impression of the Jesus or the Virgin Mary in toast, to redeem ourselves and send some better Kitchen Karma our way. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh