Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flo Rida... Holla!

Goood morrow my peoples! Flo Rida.... the location (as opposed to the rapper, and yes i totally spelled it that way on purpose) is where i have been hiding out all week/weekend. Despite the fact that I am mostly all work and little play... behold the BEAUTEOUS view from out the window:

Which obviously leads to this... (high SPF? check and check)

Though I obviously couldn't cook, I sure was eating... HEY OH. The most healthful and food blog related eats were when I tracked down this beauty of a restaurant I had heard so much about (okay actually it was only 2 miles from my hotel, but still, i was determined). This place is AMAZING!
  • All seasonal and fresh foods (hence, the name)
  • Everything is under 500 calories
  • There are no fryers in the entire restaurant and they don't use butter (i'm not sure how that works with their completely delicious shot glass size desserts, but kudos restaurant)
  • hands down the best place i went all week (including local buttery seafood places where the taste of the food was crazy delicious.... a la red vines and mr. pibb)

My companion for dinner was a friend from college, then we went to a dive bar on the beach... LOVED it! Early flight though, so it was fun... with time and drink limitations.

Before I left KC, in addition to a super fun rehearsal dinner that john was in (well he was in the wedding too, but i had to miss that to travel :( Anyway one of my besties flew in from Denver, and we.... OBVIOUSLY... had a dance party. The caption to this beauty below might read something like.... oh no... walk out the door... don't come around here.. you're not welcome anymore..

A more composed pic:

AHHH love. Can't wait to GET BACK! I have the best girls weekend in history happening, school starts tomorrow (okay okay, can totally put that off longer)..
by the way: did anyone hear Al Roker's HILARIOUS joke just now about coffee and all the single lattes? (beyonce style). Total highlight of my morning. Well, that and having an A boarding pass.