Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Champagne Wishes and Caspian Dreams


So this weekend months of planning, years of giggling, and a lifetime of dreaming about Emily’s big day came together for one of the loveliest weddings I’ve attended.  She and John were all smiles and their excitement and love for the day, each other, and everyone there filled the room.  She was radiant.  And someone else didn’t look too shabby in an up-do…


BAM. Guess who is a bridesmaid.  That’s right, #3 in your programs, #1 in your hearts! Caspian blue taffeta and peacock hair accessories are my jam.  Also pay no mind to the barefoot bridesmaid over yonder, she’ll just be doing 10,000,000 Hail Mary’s to make up for it and enduring some dirty looks from the other ‘maids and all grandmas in attendance.


The wedding was at this unbelievably beautiful and ornate church, and the reception was in this posh ballroom and overlooked the KC performing arts center.  Or maybe it was the Sydney Opera House.  I guess you’ll never know.


They toasted with my aunt Sheila’s pretty painted wine glasses.  Get that woman on Etsy!


There was busting a move….


I guess mom learned a little something in Zumba too.


There was lots of dancing.


Lots of sweating. (sweet mother of God it was triple digits that day).


A little bit of planking.


A few photo ops (my Dad is crazy about Emily).


And lots and LOTS of hilarious moments with friends.


Congrats to the prettiest bride and happiest couple ever.  Now hurry up and get back from your honeymoon so we can recap and plan your next open bar party.