Friday, June 10, 2011

Florida Vacay

Please excuse my inexperience with Shutterfly as these are borrowed pictures.  My BFF and neighbor Emily had a SURPRISE bachelorette party in Florida. 

She is marrying into a pretty sweet lake house in Boca Raton.  Her sisters-in-law to be were whisking her there for the weekend, that much she knew.  What she did not know is that the rest of her bridesmaids would be waiting for her at the baggage claim bar, ready to scare the beJesus out of her as she is officially welcomed to her bachelorette weekend.  She was screaming her head off, we were laughing hysterically, it was wonderful.

The rest of the weekend consisted of beach time, pool time, boat time, gratuitous boozing time (hey, it's a party), applying aloe to my sunburned leg time and most of all good times.  Our last night in town we went to a low key bar and managed to have a hilarious dance party when we returned to the house.  The dance party devolved into a 'do your old cheer/dance routine' party.  This was where I showed them the glory that is the MHS fight song.  Except that I was wearing a maxi dress, the limited circumference of which turned my high kick into an epic fall. 

The best part was that Emily was beyond happy! The other 'maids are a total blast and I can't wait to relive some of the fun next month at the wedding!  This past weekend was just perfect!

*There is this ridiculous fad on the internet called planking that made the news because kids were getting hurt, ironically, by laying face down on random objects (they were doing it on dangerous things like bridges and tops of buildings.. not chairs and bars).  Obviously we wouldn't pass up the opportunity to participate in such a pointless game just for the jokes.