Thursday, October 28, 2010

Deep Breaths, Playlists full of Happy Songs

My original artwork via an app for kids, what has two thumbs and is mastering finger painting? this guy.

It’s been a crazy week, but it’s getting better.  My 7-year relationship with John ended, my car got broken into (in my covered gated garage in my building) and my work laptop and beautiful laptop bag were stolen.  Once I got my new car window my car wouldn’t start.  I ran a red light yesterday.  I had an anxiety attack. 

 facing a long future of bonnets and housecats.

For as overwhelmed as I've felt lately, I feel double, triple, a thousand times as much LOVED by everyone in my life.  I know it could always be worse and had it not been for the all-at-once factor I would probably have some better perspective on this.  However as I am notoriously unemotional (half robot, in the hizzouse), my meltdown concerned those around me.  From moving emails/calls/taking me out/sending goodies I am beyond touched and know how very lucky I am. 

Now I'm just channeling my favorite down and out orphan and singing optomistic songs in the shower. 

Fun food stuff coming soon.