Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Brothers in Metal!

I can't resist telling you about another bach party.  Less scandalous peni pictures than the last time though, I promise.  My BFF from high school is getting married and requested that her bachelorette party be at an 80s hair band cover band concert.  It was a BRILLIANT idea. 
The guys in the band 'Metal Studz' (who I have it on good authority are accountants by day) were FULL ON  costume.  Had I known this I would have made it an 80s costume party.  However, looking cute never hurt anyone, right? 

To top it all off, the band was actually really good.  They played anything that would qualify for a 'monsters of rock' infomercial, including but not limited to Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Quiet Riot and so much more.. and for just three easy payments of $9.99........... but wait, there's more.......

Just kidding.  But they did sound identical to whichever band they were covering.  Uncanny.  Or maybe Canny.  The Canniest.

Okay so there is one peni straw picture.  I had to show you the fabulous hand painted glass my amazing aunt Sheila made for the bachelorette.  If it wasn't filled with some murky boozy-type liquid you could more clearly see the pretty rings and other fun things custom painted on the glass.  Get that woman on etsy.  STAT.

The pic below is of the lead singer standing on the bar beginning his serenade to Amy.  It was a beautiful kodak moment.

In other news, John and I decided to skip work for a day (well more skipping for me, his coach schedule includes lots of free summer time) and visit a winery halfway in-between his house and mine. 

Brilliant in theory.  Blazingly HOT in reality.  Oh well.  Wine is good when you're overheated, right?
We went to a cute little restaurant in Weston, MO.  Fun fact about Weston, a lady that turned down a proposal from Abraham Lincoln died there.  Eh? Eh? I know you're impressed.  We saw the letter she sent him.

I got the greek pita salad sandwich (or some similar name).  For the record, I will eat anything with goat cheese and kalamato olives.  There were also mixed greens and other vegetables in there.  Not bacon, as the picture would like to show.  That picture is a liar.  The plate also had pickled okra, which was a first for me.  It kind of just tasted like a sweet pickle, but it got points for uniqueness.

I also got 210831209801298302183 bug bites while at one winery.  I scratched them without abandon.

John was not sympathetic.  (I can't imagine why someone on a work phone call would not drop everything to give me limitless empathy for my itchiness and subsequent self mutilation..... in the words of michelle tanner..... 'how wude')

I'm off to Florida for a wedding this weekend that John is in.  Man, life is rough with all of these vacations and fun outings.  Not to worry though, I literally have NOTHING on the calendar from September until 2011.  Not a single weekend taken up.  Without weekend plans, I might cease to exist.  Keep you posted.