Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a hot, soy sauce mess

I'm currently experimenting with an app to blog remotely and cater to my apathy and general lack of creativity. That said you get the 'before' photo of my awesome salad from the Anaheim Hilton restaurant. It had shrimp, papaya, avocado, mixed greens and a peanut sauce. I'm generally wary of peanut sauces, I feel like PB and soy sauce are from different sides of the tracks and shouldn't be friends. However this was yummy and made me add Ellie's peanut sauce dish to my to-do list. So I would post a photo of how there were soba noodles on the floor, how my napkin looked like it was sloppily murdered with soy sauce, or how this ruined my otherwise sassy and professional dress/shoes/hair.... Sigh.... But I think this only lets me upload one pic per post. Lame. At least the salad was great, and everywhere I go it smells like flowers (most magical place on earth? I think so)