Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Doesn't that word just make you think of charlotte's web and the miracle that IS a reading/writing/spelling insect with LONG eyelashes. Speaking of which this weekend I'll be headed to the state fair to watch my sister show her 'some pig' for FFA. (and no, i don't think that's normal)

Let's take a brief photo collage into the past couple of weeks, shall we?

First we scored some sweet suite tickets to a minor league baseball game (Go T-Bones!)
Took a self portrait a la iphone while pretending to watch the game (forgot my glasses.... oh well, there was beer and snacks)Helped my parents pick out (okay not really I met them afterwards) a beauteous new car they traded for their old clunker. Steve Holt! Welcome to the wonderful world of Honda :)
Made an early morning walk to the FANTASTIC farmer's market downtown with my BFF (shout out to Emily in the red who didn't know I was sneaking iphone pics of her haggling)

forgot to pick LIGHT things for the walk home (cantaloupe and potatoes... really) But was stoked to find a purple pepper, a green/yellow/orange tie-dye pepper, and some distant cousin of a cabbage (so can't remember the name) that looks like it's from outer space. awesome.
pretended to buy these shoes.
visited a KC restaurant featured on Diners/Drive-ins/and Dives. Grinders in KC had lots of beer, amazing sculptures and a veggie messy masterpiece for me (John and I also got their cheese tots... obviously)

took unflattering mid-chew pictures of John.

was half of the most charming couple ever.

scored tickets to Mammapalooza (thanks Emily's BF John) where we lost a flip cup tournament (tear) and listened to fun bands all night long.

made my first roux and homemade white/parm cheese sauce for alfredo. It was strong, and cheesey and not so healthy.

went to the hottest royals game on the planet. Over 100 degrees and the thousands of people there were sweaty, sticky, stinky messes (including my sister there). But the Royals won which almost makes up for relish losing the hot dog race....almost.

got called 'vain' by John for making him take this picture of me at the stadium. Even though I told him it was for the blog.

Joined forces with my amazing momma, sister and 28,000 others to Race for the cure (well... technically we were walking). It was a special, meaningful, wonderful day (did i mention that my mom is amazing??) We loved it and are totally doing it again next year.... except we're running it!

made more green monsters, even one without spinach but with:
  • T dark cocoa powder
  • Banana
  • Soymilk
  • Silken Tofu

SUPER chocolaty, and yummy. ------------------>

Shout outs to:
  • Bowler, for giving me FB status shout-outs all the time like the attentive BFF that she is
  • Aunt Anne... the rolling pin is getting some exercise soon.
  • The maintenance guys in my apartment for bringing me a new air conditioner
  • John for bringing me a spare TV he had
  • Dr. Taylor for giving me an A in my class
  • all attending the bloggy convention (that in no way is trekky-ish) in Boston this weekend.
  • the little people..... you know who you are.

HA! Hope everybody's having a fabulous hump day and enjoying summer to the fullest!